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Eupro Pro-Guide Tarpon Report


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 South Carolina - Tarpon Fishing Up the road a few hundred miles reports of big female tarpon in the 100 – 150 lb. range are coming in. Eupro Pro Guide, Captain Steve Roff of Barrier Island Guide Service has been on a good tarpon bite all summer. Most days he will jump over  6 poons using live bait and artificial lures. The tarpon fishing will only get better as the mullet run begins in early September. Captain Steve Roff will be a new addition to the Eupro Pro Guide Team and is looking forward to battling these big migratory tarpon with his new Eupro Poon Daddy tarpon rods. To learn more about South Carolina Tarpon fishing visit: www.southcarolinatarponfishing.com .



Tampa Bay June Report.

The Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay is red-hot right now.! The tarpons are every where right now!

The tarpons are freshly back from there first spawning trips offshore and they are hungry. The tarpon in the west-central coast gather at the Skyway Bridge and in all the major inlets and passes in the bay area and also found traveling up and down the area’s beaches. The Tarpons(Silver King) are going to be concentrating on schools of Threadfin herrings or the drifting Pass crabs around area’s that have a concentrated tidal movement.

 To get your shot at a Silver King you need to find the bait. You can find all the threadfin’s you need at the bridges and markers in the bay. You want to use a heavy and fast sinking cast net because these bait fish are usually in 15 to 20 feet of water. Try not to handle these fish as much as possible the less you do the better condition the bait will be in. You also need a live well that has plenty of water circulation the threadfin is not a hardy bait and needs special care to keep alive. Now catching pass crab is a little bit easier to catch and it can be a fun time the whole family. The Pass Crab are pulled from the shallow waters on strong tides near the new and full moons. You can find them at the skyway bridge and any where the current is ripping thru. All you need is a couple of small mesh dip nets and a good eye.

Now that you have your bait lets go work some of the areas I talked about earlier. The Skyway Bridge is a great area to start at. At the bridge you want to work the support columns of the bridge when the tide is moving the fish like to hide behind the supports to avoid the full power of the tide. Present your bait close to the columns and let it drift with the current. You never know what columns they will be at you just have to work them till you find one that has fish on them.

The best area to use your pass crabs are near Egmount Channel    and on the beaches near the full and new moons. At Egmount you are just drifting your crab with the current. Remember you have to use common courtesy when fishing around other anglers! After you have done your drift DO NOT drive right thru the area which you just drifted and where other boats are do there drift and give other people their space to fish! When you’re done with your drift drive Way out side of all the other boat and starts your drift again. This will give everybody their chance to hook up with Tarpon without spooking the fish out. On the beaches and the inlets and passes you can use both the threadfin and the pass crabs the trick is to sit near the beach and wait till you see the fish rolling down the beach. Do not chase the fish you have to get in front of them and lead the pod of fish with your bait I wound throw your bait about 15 ft in front of them and let them swim into your bait. The name of the Game is the most natural presentation of the bait as possible.wheather it’s a crab or a bait fish. And when the pods of fish go by do not chase them leave them for the next angler down the beach so they can have their shot at the pod.

I hope these tips and technics help catch a fish of a lifetime!

Capt. Craig Weaver www.saltwateraddictioncharters.com   813 610-1672

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Tarpon fishing at Tampa's Sunshine Skyway Bridge has slowed down a wee bit, according to Captain Sean Hagen of Shamrock Fishing Charters.

" The tarpon are at Tampa Bay's Skyway Bridge, but they are'nt jumping in the boat; we are having to work for 'em this year! There is still alot of quality size poons in the (150 lb+) mixed with smaller size fish in the 50-80 lb. These tarpon are feeding on the large pods of balled up threadfin sardines that have invaded our Bay area bridges. There is so much bait, it is challenging to get a tarpon interested in your bait."

Persistance, repetition and a bag of tricks have paid off. Won't say we are slaying 'em, but we have been getting 'em every trip out. the key has been taking advantage of your opprotunities, not losing fish fromangler error. our clients have been on their "A" game and have been rewarded with some decent fish, good work y'all!

To Book your Tampa Eupro Pro-Guide tarpon charter contact Capt. Sean Hagen

1877-HOOK (4665)

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tarpon Fishing!


More Tarpon Action At Tampa Skyway!

Eupro Pro Guide  : Tampa Bay's Eupro Tarpon Guides.


Tampa Tarpon Report, reports large pods of poons along Anna Maria Island's Been Point. weather conditions in the bay have been challenging with recent wind and rain. Good news is the tarpon are still where we left them. Look for poons in all TTR hot spots; Egmont, Been Point, Skyway and along the beaches St Pete southward. Baby "bucket mouths" and young adults have been stacked up in the Hillbourgh river, downtown Tampa Bay up to Sulphur Springs. Crabs and out going tide will be key to catching "Ol Silver Sides" as we approach the next moon phase.


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