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BGFGA Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Rules Of The Pass

These rules are a guideline for all to follow. Due to the large number of boats of Boca Grande Pass, there must be some harmony among all involved. Keep in mind that the objective is to show clients and guests professionalism and a great time. By following these rules, we can all be winners and friends, hopefully. We have the best fishing in the world. Let's enjoy and preserve it.

  1. "Short Drifting" is the most disruptive method of boat operation and it is despised by all experienced pass fisherman. It causes hard feelings and sets off a chain reaction when one crowds in between drifting boats, which then continues to the next boat causing chaos for everyone in the fleet. The end result is fewer fish caught and the more quickly spooked fish will move to another location.

  2. When finished with a drift, move back to the head of the pack on the outside of the drifting boats, NOT through them.

  3. Operate your boat in the pass among other tarpon boats at a rate of speed that does not create a wake, especially in areas of shallow water known as the "pan" and "hill".

  4. Keep the engine(s) running at all times and keep your boat positioned so as not to disrupt another boat's drift.

  5. Do not position your boat during a drift in front of or under the bow of another boat.

  6. Use tackle sufficient enough to control a tarpon with a minimum of 50 pound test line. Do not follow the fish.

  7. Once hooked, control the tarpon with your boat and take the fish out of the pack as quickly as possible before finishing the fight and releasing the fish.

  8. In case two boats tangle with each other's lines, the boat with the fish should move out of the fleet. The other boat with no fish should release his drag and then go alongside and slightly ahead of the boat with the tarpon. The hook will slide up the tight line of hooked fish and it can then be easily removed at the rod tip by the captain. Be sure and give enough slack so he can easily remove the hook.

  9. Do NOT anchor in the pass!!

  10. Try to adhere to these rules. Watch and do what the pro's do and you will have fewer problems. If you need help, ask a professional tarpon guide.


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Boca Grande Pass Florida- Tarpon Fishing Rules Courtesy Of Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association- TTR Tampa Tarppon Report.

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