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Tarpon Fishing Reports 2011

Tampa's Shamrock Fishing Charter reported good tarpon action on Tampa's north end of the Skyway Bridge. After tarpon fishing the Skyway's crowded south end for over an hour with no results, captain Sean Hagen pulled up anchor to tarpon fish the Skyway's north end.  Upon dropping anchor north of the north end dolphins on the incoming tide, Captain Sean and Chicago fire fighter Kevin Luder immediately began to see numerous tarpon rolling in the shadows of the bridge.

The word is out about the tarpon fishing along Tampa's south end Skyway Bridge. Tampa Tarpon Report has been recieving good reports since early March of tarpon being taken on the south end. Many of those tarpon have been well over the hundred pound mark.

On April 21st Captain Sean Hagen of Shamrock Fishing Charters noticed several poons rolling around their boat. Within 20 twenty minutes Kevin jumped his first tarpon ever! A 150 pounder, unfortunately the bruiser poon left Kevin with nothing more than a happy memory. Kevin quickly jumped another tarpon in the 70 to 80 lb range, but like Kevins first poon the fish pulled a Houdini leaving Kevin rushing with adrenaline.

After repositioning of the boat on the start of the outgoing tide Kevin jumped his 3rd tarpon, a smaller poon around the 50 lb mark. This tarpon made sporadic and uncharacteristic runs before heading under the boat, then pulling a u-ee and freeing itself during a rocketing midair jump and violent headshake. This behavior raised suspicion of a potential shark threat. The shark threat was confirmed 10 minutes later when Kevin hooked his 4th and final poon of the day. Like the last tarpon this poon was also around the 50 lb mark, the perfect size for hungry bull sharks. After a good jump, Kevin's 4th poon made for the boat with a 7-8 ft bull shark in tow. The small poon came out of the water and almost into the boat as the bull shark side swiped the boats port side! The tarpon and bull shark then made a crazy figure eight motion before the bull pinned the young poon against the boat's gunnels and raked him with a toothy grin. The tarpon at this point was about half way out of the water and half way into the boat. Captain Sean lipped gaffed the poon and pulled it out of the sharks mouth and into the boat. After a quick run to the Skyway's center span and a few pictures of Kevin and his first tarpon, the young poon was recuscitated and swam away!


Tarpon fishing at the Tampa Sunshine Skyway has really began to pick up.Tarpon in the 50-150lb range are being taken on both ends of the bridge. Most tarpon anglers have concentrated tarpon fishing on the South end shadow lines. Free-lining live threadfins has been getting it done for Tampa's Skyway tarpon anglers. Incoming or out-going has not made much of a difference as long as there has been good tidal flow.



Tampa Skyway jewfish have been gourging themselves on anything that swims. Most Tampa jewfish taken at the Sunshine Skyway have been around the 150 to 200lb mark. Heavy tackle is a must if anglers intend to bring these big boys boatside. Live jack crevalle, ladyfish, rays, or spanish mackerel will entice these brutes out of their holes. What happens next is up to the angler. When fishing for jewfish anglers must practice caution for these fish have extreme pulling power and must be fought with little or no drag. In addition to jewfish the gag grouper bite has been on fire. gags are often a welcomed by tarpon fishermen. About 1 in every 10 is keeper size. Remember a big bait will land you a big gag grouper!

The snook fishing along the Skyways lower bridges is really beginning to fire up. Breeder females have shown up and are an absolute blast to catch. These big girls can be taken fishing the out-going tide using live ladyfish, big pinfish, grunts, or sardines. Freeline baits with the tide and hold on! Remember, there is still a moratorium on snook. When caught, these fat girls should be handled with care, recuscitated and released promptly.


Tarpon Report- May 2011

 Tampa tarpon Fishing May 28, 2011



Hello everyone, it is tarpon time! The tarpon are biting at the Skyway Bridge out on the beaches and around the passes. Now is a good time to get a little tarpon fishing in. A dozen tarpon hook ups on a half day charter is not uncommon, of course you have to be in the right place at the right time.

Both live and dead bait have been getting it done; Threadfins, greenbacks, and pass crabs are usually my baits of choice. Most of the tarpon action has been on the incoming tide at the Skyway Bridge.The outgoing tide has been good as well, but I prefer the outgoing tide on the beaches major passes. In the passes you are going to want to use the pass crabs if available when fishing the outgoing tide, Otherwise match the hatch.

I just wanted to share a little bit of tarpon fishing information with you. I hope it will point you in the right direction. Let me now if it works for you, because it has been working for me. If you still have problems just give me a call and I will do my best to answer any tarpon fishing questions you may have. If you still aren't having any success then I would say you need to book a charter with myself, Capt Jeremy Heimes, or with Capt Sean Hagen of Shamrock Fishing Charters. We will gladly take you out and put you on the Tarpon!


Capt Jeremy  


Check out my website and fishing tackle at:
www.dayawaycharters.com   # 813-714-9808


Tampa Bay Tarpon Report -May 24, 2011


 Boca Grande- PTTS Pre-Fishing- Tarpon Tournament Report -May 18, 2011



Team Andros/Evinrude reported a slow tarpon bite in Boca Grande Pass Saturday. Other PTTS Teams pre-fishing the PTTS & WPTTS gave confirmation of a lathrgic tarpon bite as well.  Saturday morning's approaching front unquestionably began to lock the jaws of tarpon in the pass and once afternoon winds and storms reached Boca Grande, the tarpon broke up and scattered. Tarpon anglers scattered as well, undoubtably seeking the comfort of a dry roof and ice cold Miller Lite.

Despite unfavorable conditions Team Andros/Evinrude manage to jump 3 tarpon and Team Granville Pallot/Saltwater Addiction jumped 3 as well. Many others also manage to hook a few poon before the storm, but the general consenus was that the tarpon were off the bite on Saturday.

Sunday's water conditions in Boca Grande Pass were dirty at best with only a few boats in the Pass and none of them marking tarpon. Some tarpon were jumped Sunday evening on live bait, but most of tarpon have been reported to have had left the Pass.

The good news is that weather conditions are expected to be favorable for next weeks opening of the PTTS & WPTTS 2011 Season! PTTS Fans be sure to tune into ESPN's coverage of the 2011 Tarpon Season as Saltwater Gladiators attempt to leash the Silvery Beast of Boca Grande Pass!

 The Kick off Captain's party for the PTTS was great. There was great company, wonderful food, cold drinks and some great art work of fish from KC Scott. Looking forward to the beginning of the 2011 PTTS & WPTTS Tarpon Season!

Tampa Bay & Boca  Grande Pass Tarpon Report -May 10, 2011

The Egmont Key tarpon bite has slowed down the last couple nights. The best tarpon reports have been coming from Tampa's Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The majority of tarpon caught have been under the 100lb mark , but the bite has been consistent.  Heavy cumming with dead threadfins at the Skyway Bridge has been the way to go according to Brian Bower of the PTTS's Reel Plan B Tarpon Team.

The B Team also reports that Boca Grande tarpon are not yet holding on the bottom or in the holes of Boca Grande Pass, but are feeding on surface baits including crabs and threadfin herring. Good numbers of Boca tarpon are piling up on the beaches mixed with some big nasty bullsharks.

Next weeks hill tide should should give a good kick start to Boca Grande's & Tampa Bay's 2011 Tarpon season! TTR - Tampa's Tarpon Fishing Headquarters will keep you posted!


 Bahia Honda Channel, Boca Grande Pass, and Tampa Bay Bridges all have one thing in common this time of year & that's tarpon! Big bone crushing, rod bending, sky bound jumping Tarpon!!! The last few weeks of tarpon fishing have been nothing short of amazing. My pursuit of the  Silver King across the state of Florida has been an action packed adventure . Local customs and tarpon etiquette vary from place to place, but the underlying tactics of jumping "Megalops Atlanticus" remain the same through out the state.

I have found the most effective tarpon fishing method is to free-line live baits.  A natural presentation works best for tarpon.  As for what kind of bait, the old saying "match the hatch" holds true. Anchored up on a slow incoming tide on a Bahia Honda Channel in the Keys? Pony up and buy some Blue Crabs. Drifting a big hill tide in Boca Grande Pass? Bring along the dip net and use Pass Crabs. Sight fishing rollers along a beach in Tampa? Throw the cast net and pitch Threadfin Herring. Tarpon can be finicky at times, so it pays (literally) to have a couple different bait to choose from to play the odds...

Rods, reels, line, leader, knots, hooks, etc.. are all highly debated. Being an independent fishing guide, I have no commitment to sponsor(s) to promote their product(s). With that disclaimer said, I do prefer an 8' Custom Star Rod paired with a Shimano Torium 30 Reel spooled with 30lbs Monofilament Line connected via a uni-to-uni knot to a 40lbs Yozuri Disappearing Pink Fluorocarbon Leader with a 5/0 Owner Offset Circle Hook while sporting a pair of Costa Del Mar Switchfoot 580's. You can go with bait casters, braided line, bimini knots, and the like, so if you have something different that works, stick with it and we can discuss the finer points in the winter while regaling stories of summertime Poon chasing. Now with all that commercial name dropping done, if you know the Pro Staff for Star Rods, Shimano, Yozuri, Owner, or Costa Del Mar have them make the check(s) payable to Captain Jay - CJ Flats Saltwater Charters.

 Jokes aside, there are some universal Tarpon rules and etiquette that will help you (and everyone else around you) catch more Tarpon now and in the future... The Don'ts: Motoring over rolling Tarpon, running down-current of Anglers drifting live baits for Tarpon, cutting in line/current/direction of boats casting to Tarpon, anchoring in the pass, and pulling Tarpon out of the water for a photo without a kill tag.The Do's:  Pulling your Tarpon out of the school or away from the bridge or pass, moving out of the way of another angler/boat battling a Tarpon, fighting your Tarpon quickly to avoid overstressing the fish and/or feeding it to the Sharks, properly reviving your Tarpon prior to release to include motoring forward with the Tarpon at the side of the boat to push water across his gills, and most importantly is calling me at 1877 463-5620 or emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any questions regrding tarpon fishing, wish to book a tarpon trip, or want me to come aboard with you and share with you some of my experiences of catching tarpon more effectively. As always tight lines...... TTR Tampa Tarpon Report- Tarpon Fishing May.


Tampa Tarpon Fishing June

 Suncoast Tarpon Roundup-SCTR

 Suncoast Tarpon Roundup angler Aaron Crisp with a nice tarpon release in week #2 of the SCTR. See Suncoast Tarpon Roundup tournament results on TTR's Tarpon News!

June 5, 2011

Back for more!Tampa tarpon angler David with a Sunshine Skyway tarpon aboard Tommy Mathew's boat. "The tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay has been on fire!"


Tarpon Fishing Tampa Bay- By Tampa Fire Fighter & Avid Tarpon Angler Joey Greco.

On a windy, but gorgeous day Tampa Bay the tarpon continue to chew. After launching at O'Neil's Marina we decided to catch some crabs, Mostly blues, but we were happy to have them.

In a small craft the bay was a bit rough, but the tarpon were waiting to be caught.
We had a tarpon report that Anna Maria was the 'hot spot" and we gave it shot with no success. Next spot was Egmont Key where we jumped tarpon two days prior. However, the wind proved too much so we opted to make our last stop the Skyway Bridge. The question on our minds was, would Mr. Poon elude us or would we be going home with a new tarpon tale.

Within a couple drifts through the  spans of the Skyway our first run was a nice 100+ lb tarpon. Angler Tommy Mathews played the Tampa poon with skill, but the tarpon eventually fought his way to freedom. Not to be defeated Tommy repositioned between the spans and drifted a blue crab out and the fight was on! Although not the biggest tarpon Tampa Bay has to offer the poon fought hard and put on a marvelous display! Tampa Bay is a spectacular tarpon fishery that provides tarpon anglers areat  opprotunity to catch these awesome fish. Great job cousin!

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