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Tarpon Fishing Reports 2011


Tampa Bay Tarpon Report -May 24, 2011


 Boca Grande- PTTS Pre-Fishing- Tarpon Tournament Report -May 18, 2011



Team Andros/Evinrude reported a slow tarpon bite in Boca Grande Pass Saturday. Other PTTS Teams pre-fishing the PTTS & WPTTS gave confirmation of a lathrgic tarpon bite as well.  Saturday morning's approaching front unquestionably began to lock the jaws of tarpon in the pass and once afternoon winds and storms reached Boca Grande, the tarpon broke up and scattered. Tarpon anglers scattered as well, undoubtably seeking the comfort of a dry roof and ice cold Miller Lite.

Despite unfavorable conditions Team Andros/Evinrude manage to jump 3 tarpon and Team Granville Pallot/Saltwater Addiction jumped 3 as well. Many others also manage to hook a few poon before the storm, but the general consenus was that the tarpon were off the bite on Saturday.

Sunday's water conditions in Boca Grande Pass were dirty at best with only a few boats in the Pass and none of them marking tarpon. Some tarpon were jumped Sunday evening on live bait, but most of tarpon have been reported to have had left the Pass.

The good news is that weather conditions are expected to be favorable for next weeks opening of the PTTS & WPTTS 2011 Season! PTTS Fans be sure to tune into ESPN's coverage of the 2011 Tarpon Season as Saltwater Gladiators attempt to leash the Silvery Beast of Boca Grande Pass!

 The Kick off Captain's party for the PTTS was great. There was great company, wonderful food, cold drinks and some great art work of fish from KC Scott. Looking forward to the beginning of the 2011 PTTS & WPTTS Tarpon Season!

Tampa Bay & Boca  Grande Pass Tarpon Report -May 10, 2011

The Egmont Key tarpon bite has slowed down the last couple nights. The best tarpon reports have been coming from Tampa's Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The majority of tarpon caught have been under the 100lb mark , but the bite has been consistent.  Heavy cumming with dead threadfins at the Skyway Bridge has been the way to go according to Brian Bower of the PTTS's Reel Plan B Tarpon Team.

The B Team also reports that Boca Grande tarpon are not yet holding on the bottom or in the holes of Boca Grande Pass, but are feeding on surface baits including crabs and threadfin herring. Good numbers of Boca tarpon are piling up on the beaches mixed with some big nasty bullsharks.

Next weeks hill tide should should give a good kick start to Boca Grande's & Tampa Bay's 2011 Tarpon season! TTR - Tampa's Tarpon Fishing Headquarters will keep you posted!

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